zsh completion for hitch

At hashrocket, we use hitch to manage our paired git authors, written by our own Rogelio Samour.

Hitch works by setting the GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL environment variables. For the email itself, it joins the hitched author’s github usernames and a prefix with a “+”, creating email addresses of the form “dev+jgdavey+therubymug@hashrocket.com”. Using it is as simple as hitch <github_username> <github_username>.

Recently, I was annoyed that I had to always remember the github username of the person I was pairing with. I was at the command line typing and found myself hitting <tab> repeatedly, hoping it would complete with the authors I pair with most often.

So I quickly whipped up a zsh completion script, and boom, pairing nirvana.

To use the completion script, save the following script as _hitch and add it to your fpath:

If you see any way to improve the function, please fork the gist on github.